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Privacy Policy

Terms and conditions
Given are the terms and conditions that are applicable for everyone who is using the Website “ baskbay.com” all terms and conditions are applicable for content and services offered by this webiste. It is must that you should go through the terms and conditions before using our website and once you agree then you are bound to abide all the terms and conditions that are applicable for using the website and services. If you are not interested in our privacy policy then you will not be able to access our website and our services. Please go throughout eh articles that are based on our terms and conditions so that you can be aware with the policies that are applicable we have clearly mentioned everything in our articles. Our website and services are available online and offline but some policies are applicable applied that are mandatary for everyone. Under the age of 13 years are not allowed to attain our services. 
Our customer support team is available 7X24 and you can contact anytime. If you are using our site it means you are over 13 years and you are aware with all the eligibility conditions and policies that are applicable to use our site and to avail our services. Any person who  cannot meet our policies and terms are not allowed to access this site.
-All the sellers are the registered members of our site.
-Gig account will make you able to describe your services and products.
-Gigs packages are the formats to sell your products and services.
-Custom offers are the proposals from the seller side for the buyers.
-Disagreements and disposals will remain in between the seller and the buyer.
-On our site the people who are registered can only sell or buy products and services.
-Users are not allowed to accept payments except the mode of baskbay.com payment mode.